SkillsFuture SME Mentors

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What Is it?

The SkillsFuture SME Mentors programme is a SkillsFuture initiative that aims to enhance SMEs’ capabilities in learning and development. This programme will strengthen SMEs’ value proposition as employers of choice who can offer good career development and growth opportunities to employees.

Who Is It For?

The SkillsFuture SME Mentors are for SMEs and their employees.

How Can I Benefit From It?

The SkillsFuture SME Mentors will help SMEs, who play a key role in developing the skills mastery of Singapore’s workforce, overcome challenges in developing internal training competence.


Enterprise Singapore will provide 100% funding support to participating SMEs for the next three years.

How does it work?

SkillsFuture SME Mentors will be deployed to SMEs on a nine-month mentorship to help implement measures to deepen the skills of the workforce and upgrade their training capability. Mentors will help SMEs implement measures to deepen the skills of their workforce. At the same time, SME supervisors and managers will be able to develop their coaching skills. Both employer and trainee will gain from the mentor’s feedback during the learning process.

SkillsFuture SME Mentors could be retirees with deep skills and work experience, or mid-career professionals and executives with wide-ranging experience and know-how in different fields.Qualified mentors will be interviewed and selected by a panel comprising representatives from Enterprise Singapore, industry and IHLs. Selected mentors will undergo an orientation course conducted by Republic Polytechnic. Enterprise Singapore will then facilitate the matching process between SkillsFuture SME Mentors and interested SMEs.

How do I sign up?

For SMEs & SkillsFuture SME Mentors: Interested SMEs and Mentors can apply directly through the SkillsFuture SME Mentors Programme website here.