SkillsFuture Study Award for Built Environment Sector
Building and Construction Authority (BCA)

Early career employee

Sector Overview

The Built Environment industry has shaped Singapore into a vibrant and liveable city. Aside from building homes, schools, healthcare facilities, and transport infrastructure, our successes also include engineering feats such as Marina Bay Sands, Marina Coastal Expressway, and Jurong Rock Caverns.

Our upcoming projects include Changi Airport’s expansion, doubling our rail network, as well as the redevelopment of the Tanjong Pagar and Paya Lebar areas. Singapore is also set to become an infrastructure hub in the region. Asia’s fast-paced development and growth offers professionals in this industry exciting opportunities to develop their skills and expertise through overseas exposure.

The Built Environment industry is a key pillar of our economy and national development. To remain future-ready, companies are adopting advanced technologies and processes, higher levels of mechanisation and off-site manufacturing, as well as assembly or Design for Manufacturing and Assembly. New technologies such as Building Information Modelling will also boost productivity and better integration in the construction value chain.

Training and development are essential to support talent growth. Through this SkillsFuture initiative, you can gain better career and advancement opportunities by developing mastery of skills in the built environment sector.

Click here for a video on the exciting developments in the Built Environment industry and how the SkillsFuture Study Award can help you deepen your skills and progress in your career.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Singaporeans with minimum 2 years of work experience in the Built Environment industry preferred

  • Committed to deepening skills in the industry

  • Has track record of contributing to the learning or training of self and/or others

  • Meets eligibility criteria of the course applied for

  • Not supported by any scholarship/sponsorship, BCA’s Workforce Training & Upgrading, Skills Development Fund or any programme which fully subsidise the fees of the course applied for

  • Not a previous recipient of any SkillsFuture Study Award

Supported Courses

Course Institution
Bachelor of Construction Management in Building (Hons.) BCA Academy
BCA-SMU-SSG Advanced Management Programme
Certification Course for Green Mark Professional
Certification Course for Green Mark Facilities Professional
CMU-BCA Executive Development Program on Leadership in Environmental Sustainability
DTU-BCA Executive Development Programme on Smart and Sustainable Cities
IUAV-BCA Executive Development Programme on Sustain and Retain
Diploma in Facilities Management
Diploma in Geo-Spatial Information and Technology
Diploma in Construction Engineering
Master of International Construction Management with major in Construction Productivity
Specialist Diploma in Architecture Technology
Specialist Diploma in Building Cost Management
Specialist Diploma in Building Information Modelling
Specialist Diploma in Construction Management
Specialist Diploma in Construction Productivity
Specialist Diploma in Design for Manufacturing & Assembly
Specialist Diploma in Facility & Energy Management
Specialist Diploma in Lean Construction
Specialist Diploma in M&E Coordination
Specialist Diploma in Virtual Design & Construction
Stanford-BCA Advanced Management Programme in Virtual Design and Construction
Specialist Diploma in Computational BIM (Building)
Specialist Diploma in MEP Modularisation
Master of Science (International Construction Management) NTU
Master of Science (Civil Engineering)*
Master of Science (Building Performance and Sustainability) NUS
Master of Science (Integrated Sustainable Design)
Master of Science (Project Management)
Master of Science (Geotechnical Engineering)
Master of Science (Civil Engineering)*
Graduate Certificate In Geotechnical Engineering
Graduate Certificate In Construction Productivity Enhancement
Graduate Certificate In Structural Design Technology
Bachelor of Building and Project Management SUSS / BCA Academy
Diploma in Property and Facility Management  SISV Academy

* Subject to module requirements

Applicants may submit other courses which BCA will consider on a case-by-case basis.

Application Period and Evaluation Process

Applications are accepted throughout the year. For information and application procedures on training courses, please click on the hyperlinks of the supported courses listed above.

Evaluation of applications will take about 4 to 6 weeks after the date of submission. Shortlisted applicants will be notified.




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