SkillsFuture Study Award for Cleantech Sector
Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB)

Early career employee

Sector Overview

The energy utility landscape is changing profoundly in many regions. Several conventional utility giants are shifting from a traditional focus on fossil-fuel based power generation to renewable energy and grid solutions for distributed energy.

As a highly-urbanised city-state with limited natural resources, sustainability is synonymous with Singapore. Due to the confluence of technological advancement and regulatory changes, Singapore is adopting an integrated approach towards sustainable energy management across power generation, transmission and distribution, and consumption.

Singapore’s sophisticated supply chain capabilities and extensive linkages to the region make it an efficient base for businesses who wish to serve the Asian Sunbelt, which receives about 50 per cent more radiation than temperate regions such as Japan or Germany. Given the diversity of the industry, it provides a wide range of career options. These span from research and engineering to project development, management, and financing. A career in Cleantech is exciting and fulfilling as you will constantly work with evolving technological trends to solve problems and shape the urban environment that we live in.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria

  • Singaporeans with a minimum of 3 years of relevant work experience

  • Committed to deepening skills and contributing to the Cleantech industry

  • Currently enrolled in or granted admission into any of the qualifying courses

  • Required to complete chosen course

  • Required to incur out-of-pocket training-related expenses associated with the course (i.e. must not be fully sponsored by company or other government agencies for all course fees and training-related expenses associated with the course)

  • Not a previous recipient of any SkillsFuture Study Award


Public officers are encouraged to apply for the relevant in-house schemes offered by their respective organisations. The Public Service is committed towards skills deepening and government agencies have a range of training and development schemes to support skills upgrading for public officers.

Supported Courses

Course Institution
Master of Science (Environmental Engineering)  National University of Singapore1
 Master of Science (Geotechnical Engineering)
 Master of Science (Hydraulic Engineering & Water Resources Management)
 Master of Science (Environmental Management)
 Specialist Diploma in Environment & Water Technology  Temasek Polytechnic2

1For qualifying courses at NUS, only students from the Jan 2018, Aug 2018 and Jan 2019 intakes are eligible to apply.

2For qualifying courses at Temasek Polytechnic, only students from the Apr 2018 and Oct 2018 intakes are eligible to apply.

Application Period and Evaluation Process

Application Period

Applications close on 31 Dec 2018

Evaluation Process

Evaluation of applications will take up to 8 weeks from the date of application. Kindly note that all applications are subject to EDB's assessment and only shortlisted applicants will be notified.


National University of Singapore

MSc Environmental Engineering, MSc Geotechnical Engineering, MSc Hydraulic Engineering & Water Resources Management
Ms Cecilia, Shanti Dewi
Phone: 6601 2681


MSc Environmental Management
Ms Nur Rahayu Thaifoddin
Phone: 6601 1556


Temasek Polytechnic
Ms Chelsia Lim
Phone: 6788 1212




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