SkillsFuture Study Award for Electronics Sector
Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB)

Early career employee

Sector Overview

The Electronics industry has been a key sector of growth for Singapore’s economy. The industry holds a portfolio that comprises high-value components, such as Radio Frequency filters and semiconductor integrated circuits, which are the core of many products that are becoming indispensable in our daily lives.


In 2016, electronics manufacturing contributed 4.4% to Singapore’s GDP, employed about 70,000 workers and accounted for close to $90 billion in manufacturing output. Through the Electronics Industry Transformation Map, EDB expects to grow the industry further with a manufacturing value-add of $22.2 billion and 2,100 new PMET jobs by 2020.


Looking ahead, mobile devices are expected to continue to drive growth in the Electronics industry. There is also the emergence of exciting new application areas such as autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence and healthcare. These new applications will create a greater demand for electronics and require advancements in hardware, even as software grows in importance. Advanced manufacturing will also bring about new skilled job roles in manufacturing, such as system engineers and automation technicians.


With the transformation of the Electronics industry bringing about new and exciting job opportunities, the Electronics Skills Framework has identified emerging skills and competencies for the industry in the areas of Robotics and Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics, which the workforce will need in order to be future-ready.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria

  • Singaporeans with a minimum of 3 years of relevant work experience

  • Committed to deepening skills and contributing to the Electronics industry

  • Currently enrolled in or granted admission into any of the qualifying courses

  • Required to complete chosen course

  • Required to incur out-of-pocket training-related expenses associated with the course (i.e. must not be fully sponsored by company or other government agencies for all course fees and training-related expenses associated with the course)

  • Not a previous recipient of any SkillsFuture Study Award


Public officers are encouraged to apply for the relevant in-house schemes offered by their respective organisations. The Public Service is committed towards skills deepening and government agencies have a range of training and development schemes to support skills upgrading for public officers.

Supported Courses

Course Institution
Specialist Diploma in Electronic Systems Development  Nanyang Polytechnic1
 Specialist Diploma in Embedded Systems
 Specialist Diploma in Wireless Technology
 Specialist Diploma in Internet of Things  Republic Polytechnic
 Specialist Diploma in Digital Technologies for a Smart City  Singapore Polytechnic2
 Specialist Diploma In Network Security
 Specialist Diploma In Energy Efficiency And Management
 Specialist Diploma in Wafer Fabrication  Temasek Polytechnic3
 Specialist Diploma in IC Assembly & Test
 Specialist Diploma in Semiconductor Technology
 Specialist Diploma in Industrial Internet of Things (IoT)
 Specialist Diploma in Robotics and Automation

1For qualifying courses at Nanyang Polytechnic, only students from the Apr 2018 and Oct 2018 intakes are eligible to apply.

2For qualifying courses at Singapore Polytechnic, only students from the Apr 2018 and Oct 2018 intakes are eligible to apply.

3For qualifying courses at Temasek Polytechnic, only students from the Apr 2018 and Oct 2018 intakes are eligible to apply.

Application Period and Evaluation Process

Application Period

Applications close on 31 Dec 2018

Evaluation Process

Evaluation of applications will take about up to 8 weeks from the date of application. Kindly note that all applications are subject to EDB's assessment and only shortlisted applicants will be notified.


Nanyang Polytechnic


Specialist Diploma in Electronic Systems Development
Mr Nah Kiat Hong / Ms Lim Kwai Yoke
Email: /
Phone: 6550 0481 / 6550 0566


Specialist Diploma in Embedded Systems
Ms Chang Wai Yee / Mr Yeo Kim Heng
Email: /
Phone: 6550 0683 / 6550 0499


Specialist Diploma in Wireless Technology
Mr Poh Boon Kiat / Ms Tan Siew Ling
Email: /
Phone: 6550 0639 / 6550 0520


Republic Polytechnic

Mr Eric Kwek
Phone: 6697 1788


Singapore Polytechnic

Mrs Chang-Tan Pek Kin
Phone: 6772 1890


Temasek Polytechnic

Ms Chelsia Lim
Phone: 6788 1212




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