SkillsFuture Study Award for MICE Sector
Singapore Tourism Board (STB)

Early career employee

Sector Overview

In 2015, Singapore received more than 3 million business visitors who came for business travel or to attend a Meeting, Incentive, Conference or Exhibition (MICE). This number increases significantly if we take into account the people who are already working in Singapore that attend these off-sites, conferences, trainings and events.

The entire ecosystem is supported by hotels, venues, conference & exhibition organisers, destination management companies, supporting companies such as stand builders and logistics, and tourist attractions. However, what drives Singapore’s vibrant and successful MICE industry is human capital, and this must remain at the core.

Faced with an increasingly competitive environment, Singapore must keep pace with ever-evolving global trends such as emerging technologies, new meetings design, and data analytics, while continuing to place customer service at the heart of the business. The MICE workforce plays an integral part in helping the sector grow, compete, and stay relevant to meet the changing demands of the increasingly discerning business travellers.

Eligibility Criteria and Supported Courses

Eligibility Criteria

  • Singaporeans with at least 2 years of work experience in the MICE industry

  • Currently employed/previously employed in a MICE company

  • Committed to deepening skills in the industry

  • Courses should be relevant to the needs of the MICE industry

  • Relevance of course to current / future job function 

  • Has track record of contributing to the learning and training of self and/or others 

  • Meets entry requirements for the selected course of study

  • Must not have completed course of study at the point of application

  • Must not be a previous recipient of any SkillsFuture Study Award, or a recipient of any government scholarship, government award, or full sponsorship provided by company or external entities for the selected course of study

Supported Courses

As a guideline, supported courses should have clear learning outcomes, equip applicants with deeper skills that can be applied to their workplace in the MICE industry, and fall into one of the following categories:

  • Four courses provided by SACEOS (Professional Exhibition Management (PEM) Course, Professional Conference Management (PCM) Course, Certified in Exhibition Management (CEM) Course, Professional Event Management (PEvM) Course)

  • Courses with WSQ Certificate, WSQ Advanced Certificate, WSQ Diploma

  • Courses provided by MOE-publicly funded institutes (NITEC, Higher NITEC, Diploma, Specialist Diploma, Degree, Masters)

  • Courses provided by CPE-registered institutes with EduTrust (Certificate, Higher Certificate, Advanced Certificate, Diploma, Specialist Diploma, Degree, Masters)
    Please visit CPE to check if institute is registered and with EduTrust

Applications submitted for other courses will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

*Conferences, seminars and workshops are not supported.

Application Period and Evaluation Process

Application Period

Application window Course commencement period
14 Aug 2017– 13 Oct 2017 Before 13 Oct 2018
16 Apr 2018 – 15 Jun 2018 Before 15 Jun 2019
14 Aug 2018 – 13 Oct 2018 Before 13 Oct 2019

Please ensure that the course commencement date falls within the stipulated period of the respective application windows.

Evaluation Process

All SkillsFuture Study Award applications will be evaluated holistically, and the Study Award is not guaranteed. Applications with incomplete or inaccurate documentation will not be considered. STB will contact all applicants within 6 to 8 weeks after the closing date of each application window. Please contact should you not hear from STB about your application by then.

Please note that STB will contact Course Providers to verify all supporting documents provided by Award Recipient at:

  i. the point of evaluation
ii. at least 50% course completion*; and
iii. 100% course completion*.

STB reserves the right not to disclose the reasons for approving or rejecting any application, and to reject any incomplete or inaccurate application.

Application Period And Evaluation Process

Claim Process

Successful shortlisted applicants will receive a Letter of Award which should be signed and returned to STB within 10 working days from the date of the Letter. The full sum of S$5,000 will be disbursed 2-3 months to the award recipient after he/she completes at least 50% of the course and submits the required claim disbursement documents:

a. Original signed Claim Form (provided as Annex C in the Letter of Award)

b. Proof of 50% course completion (provided as Annex D in the Letter of Award), OR official course certificate (scanned copy/softcopy from course provider)

In the event that award recipient does not fully complete the course after receiving the award monies, the full sum of S$5,000 will need to be returned.

*Please note that 50% or 100% course completion would include passing of related assessment(s) or examination(s), (if any).

Application Process

Step 1:

Download the Application Form (link at bottom of this page under “Click here to download the Application Form”).

  • Complete the required Sections A, B, E, G (excluding reasons for nomination) and H. Do not fill in Sections C, D and F. Please type your responses directly into the Application Form. The form can be edited, and you will also be able to save and continue your work at your convenience. Hand-written or scanned applications will not be accepted.

  • Upload the completed Application Form (link at bottom of this page under “Submit your completed Application Form”).

  • Upon successful submission of the Application Form, you will receive an email acknowledgement with an application number (e.g. STB-M-201XXXXX- XXXXXXXXX).

Step 2:

Submit the required supporting documents below in PDF format with your application number (e.g. STB-M-201XXXXX- XXXXXXXXX) as the email subject title to

  1. Annex A (click here to download)

  2. Scanned coloured copy of NRIC (front and back)

  3. Proof of Course Fee Payment and Letter of Course Acceptance

    • For applicants who have already registered and paid for the selected course of study, please submit these documents to STB during application.

    • For applicants who have yet to register and/or paid for the selected course of study, kindly note that should you be shortlisted, you will be required to submit these documents to STB for further assessment.





Click here to download the application form

Submit your completed application form

Note: Please type your responses directly into the PDF application form. The form is editable, and you will also be able to save and continue your work at your convenience. Hand-written or scanned applications will not be accepted.


For complete submission, please ensure that supporting documents are sent via email to  


Please note that the SkillsFuture Study Award is subject to periodic review for sector relevance.