SkillsFuture Study Award for Retail Sector
Enterprise Singapore (ESG)

Early career employee

Sector Overview

The Retail sector accounts for 1.4 per cent of Singapore’s Gross Domestic Product. It comprises 15,680 enterprises and employs 116,000 people – 50 per cent of whom work in departmental stores, supermarkets, and fashion sub-sectors.

Although the typical retail environment is customer-facing and manpower intensive, technology and global trends are presenting new growth avenues. In addition, changing shopping behaviours, rising consumer expectations, the digitisation of retail, and new market opportunities presented by Asia’s growth will impact the workforce.

These new opportunities and challenges mean that the retail workforce will require new skills and mindsets in both consumer facing and backend roles. For example, to satisfy customer expectations for engaging experiences, cashiers and sales assistants must evolve and adopt roles as personal shoppers and brand advocates. New specialist technology skills in retail technologies, customer relationship management and data analytics as well as supply chain management will also open up opportunities for expanded roles at work.

The changing retail landscape will require the workforce to acquire the relevant skills to take on job roles supporting the new retail environment.

Eligibility Criteria and Supported Courses

Eligibility Criteria

  • Singaporeans with minimum 2 years of work experience in the Retail industry

  • Able to apply skills acquired at work and overcome challenges

  • Committed to deepening skills in the industry; seeking to develop retail management and emerging skills sets

  • Has track record of contributing to the learning or training of self and/or others

  • Has strong career aspirations; able to see himself/herself contributing in the sector 3–5 years down the road

  • Meets entry requirements for selected course of study

  • Not a previous recipient of any SkillsFuture Study Award

  • Shareholders of a retail company will be considered on a case-by-case basis, after assessment of involvement level in company operations

Supported Courses

Please refer to Annex A for examples of courses that could be supported. Courses leading to a diploma qualification in the areas of Retail Management, e-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Research & Development, Data Analytics, and Logistics/Supply Chain Management are highly encouraged.

Applications for courses that are not within this list may be supported on a case-by-case basis.

As a guideline, supported courses should fulfil the broad criteria below:

  • Has clear learning outcomes and equips applicants with deeper skills that can be applied to their workplace in the Retail industry.

  • Courses offered by reputable training providers would be preferred, such as MOE-funded institutions or CPE-registered institutions with Edutrust Certification..

Application Period and Evaluation Process

Round Application period*
4 1 Apr 2017 – 31 Aug 2017
5 1 Oct 2017 – 28 Feb 2018
6 1 Apr 2018 – 31 Aug 2018
7 1 Oct 2018 – 28 Feb 2019
8 1 Apr 2019 – 31 Aug 2019
9 1 Oct 2019 – 29 Feb 2020
10 1 Apr 2020 – 31 Aug 2020

*Applicants are encouraged to submit their application before course commencement. Applications submitted after course commencement will be considered on a case by case basis. Successful applicants are to commence their approved course within one year from the date of application.

Evaluation Process

  • Fulfilment of basic eligibility criteria does not guarantee a successful award as evaluations will be based on the merits of each application.

  • Applications with incomplete or inaccurate documentation will be rejected. ESG may contact the applicant and/or referees for further clarification.

  • Evaluations will take approximately 6 to 8 weeks after the respective application closing dates. Successful applicants will receive a Letter of Undertaking via post while unsuccessful applicants will be notified via email.

Application Process and Claims Process

Application Process

Step 1:

Download the blank application form, complete all the required fields and upload the completed form through the links provided below. Upon successful of submission, you will receive an email acknowledgement with an application number (eg. ESG- R-20XXXXXX-XXXXXXX)

Step 2:

Submit the following supporting documents with your application number as the email subject title to

  1. Copy of your NRIC (both sides)

  2. Course acceptance letter (if any)

  3. Letter of recommendation or testimonial from your current or previous employer

  4. Contact details of 2 referees with prior or existing working relationships with you

  5. How did you find out about the SkillsFuture Study Award?

    1. Internet searches (e.g. Google)

    2. Facebook

    3. LinkedIn

    4. Recommendation from my organisation / HR

    5. Training provider

    6. SkillsFuture website

    7. Others: __________

Claims Process

Successful applicants will receive a Letter of Undertaking which should be signed and returned to ESG within 14 working days from the date of Letter of Undertaking.

All awardees are to submit the following documents within 1 year from the Letter of Undertaking to receive a once-off disbursement of $5,000:

  1. Original signed Claim Form (provided as Annex C in the Letter of Undertaking)

  2. Completed GIRO Form (provided as Annex D in the Letter of Undertaking)

  3. Proof of acceptance into the approved course

  4. Official documentation indicating the full course period (i.e. start date and end date of the course)

Disbursements will take approximately 8 to 12 weeks after the receipt of complete documents. All applicants will be notified on their disbursements via email.


Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions or email Please note that we do not accept applications via email.


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Submit your completed application form

Note: Please type your responses directly into the PDF application form. The form is editable, and you will also be able to save and continue your work at your convenience. Hand-written or scanned applications will not be accepted.