Easier and Better Access to Learning and Career Resources with MySkillsFuture and SkillsFuture Advice for Individuals

Two new SkillsFuture initiatives, MySkillsFuture portal and SkillsFuture Advice for Individuals, were launched by Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for Economic and Social Policies, Tharman Shanmugaratnam today to provide Singaporeans with both online and offline access to information about skills and training, as well as job opportunities, so that they can actively acquire and deepen their skills, and plan their careers.


MYSKILLSFUTURE (MySkillsFuture.sg)

MySkillsFuture is a one-stop portal for all Singaporeans, starting from students in schools, to make informed learning and career plans. Each individual will have a personalised account for their learning and career plans, which can follow them through life. This enables them to more effectively make informed learning and career choices at every stage of their lives.

SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), Workforce Singapore (WSG) and the Ministry of Education (MOE) developed MySkillsFuture, in close consultation with numerous government agencies and industry stakeholders who provided updated and insightful information about their respective industries. These partners include LinkedIn, SingTel, Courts Singapore Pte Ltd and The Lo & Behold Group, who also contributed articles and other resources for MySkillsFuture.

Under MySkillsFuture portal, features such as the Self-Assessment Tool, Industry Insights and ePortfolio are available to help users make informed decisions towards career planning. Access to the SkillsFuture Credit course directory (now known as the Training Exchange) and jobs listings posted under the National Jobs Bank will also be available through the portal.   

Singaporeans can log into the MySkillsFuture portal using their SingPass. MySkillsFuture is also available as a mobile app.

For students, MySkillsFuture will be used as a resource to support Education and Career Guidance. Every student from Primary 5 to Pre-University will be given an individual account to access the portal.  They can use it to explore and discover different industry sectors and educational pathways through interactive tools.  

Adults and tertiary students can discover their career interests and work values, obtain information about the industries, apply for courses, and search and apply for jobs through five key features: i) Self-Assessment, ii) Training Exchange, iii) Jobs Bank, iv) Industry Insights and v) Career Resources. Please see Annex A for more details.

Employers can also tap on MySkillsFuture to identify suitable programmes and resources in order to deepen the capabilities of their employees. Similarly, training providers can use the portal to reach out to a wider audience for their programmes, and enhance their knowledge on labour market trends to deliver customised and quality training.

MySkillsFuture has been made available to schools since August this year, and the initial feedback from users has been positive. Notwithstanding this, SSG, WSG and MOE plan to continually enhance MySkillsFuture and expand the resources available in it to improve the overall user experience.


SkillsFuture Advice for Individuals is a community outreach initiative to help more Singaporeans understand the importance of skills upgrading and career planning.  SkillsFuture Advice for Individuals is targeted at all Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents, namely fresh school leavers, working professionals, mid-career switchers, returning professionals and individuals in their golden years.

Through a strategic partnership between SSG and the Community Development Councils (CDCs), with support from WSG, People’s Association (PA) and Employment and Employability Institute (e2i), SkillsFuture Advice for Individuals programmes and workshops will be conducted at the community level, to encourage more people to embark on their SkillsFuture journey. As the CDCs have strong community networks and a myriad of CDC programmes that engage residents, Ms Low Yen Ling, Chairman of Mayors’ Committee (representing the Office of Mayors) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Mr Ng Cher Pong, Chief Executive of SSG, to collaborate on the SkillsFuture Advice for Individuals initiative, in partnership with WSG, e2i and PA.

A series of free workshops will be conducted for residents in four languages at easily accessible venues such as community clubs and community centres. Workshop attendees will receive information on key work trends and skills required for the workplace. They will also identify their job interests and develop their personal skills upgrading plan, as well as learn how to use MySkillsFuture at these workshops.

Since the pilot in July this year, about 1,000 Singaporeans have attended the workshops. SSG and the CDCs expect to reach out to 80,000 Singaporeans over three years.

Please refer to Annex A and B for more information about MySkillsFuture and SkillsFuture Advice for Individuals.

Annex A - Factsheet on MySkillsFuture
Annex B - Factsheet on SkillsFuture Advice for Individuals

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