Changing the culture to change the game

Ronnie Tan

The story about Ronnie's SkillsFuture experience

"If you don’t train the person and he stays, it’s worse than if you train a person and he leaves."

Ronnie Tan is a boss that has his eyes on the prize — his employees. As the director of mobile game development company gumi Asia, Ronnie doesn’t just let company culture ‘happen’. He works hard at creating an environment where employees feel engaged and empowered to develop new skills. How does he do it? By putting himself in their shoes.


"Always ask yourself: when your employees stay with you, what else do they need besides a pay raise and salary?"

Such a mindset has yet to become the norm among employers in Singapore. Inspired by his own experience during an apprenticeship with a Japanese game company, Ronnie wanted to bring home this culture of mentorship. This makes employees feel valued, which in turn lets employers benefit from greater productivity.

From Ronnie’s perspective, grooming interns or fresh graduates with the necessary training could also help to fill the shortage of technical talent in Singapore.

Currently, gumi Asia has two employees on the SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Programme. As they are given opportunities to take on responsibilities as full-time staff, these students not only acquire new relevant skills but also contribute more effectively to the company. He adds that another way in which employers could encourage individuals to upgrade themselves, could be through SkillsFuture Credit.

"After they have upgraded, they will contribute back to the company. This benefits both the company and our industry at large," said Ronnie.


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