What Is It

SkillsFuture Advice brings to the community useful information about SkillsFuture and how individuals can tap on the various resources for their career planning and skills upgrading needs.


The SkillsFuture Advice Workshop Covers:


How to be ready for new opportunities amidst a fast changing economy


How to plan for your career and understand your career interests


What resources can you tap on for your skills upgrading and career plan


Interactive modes of learning to keep participants engaged

How Can I Bring This to My Organisation

The SkillsFuture Advice workshop can be organised for your organisation to help your employees or members understand how to navigate technological disruptions and how they can tap on available resources to upgrade their skills to stay ahead.



These organisations have partnered us to help their employees and members kick-start their learning journey!



If you are also interested to bring the workshop to your organisation or for other collaboration opportunities, please drop us an email today at PED@ssg.gov.sg


Who Are Our Partners

SkillsFuture Advice was introduced in October 2017 to help Singaporeans understand the importance of lifelong learning and how they can tap on to available resources for their career planning and skills upgrading needs. SkillsFuture Singapore partners with Community Development Councils (CDCs), People's Association, (PA), Workforce Singapore (WSG) and Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) to provide information through SkillsFuture Advice workshops.


Accessible at community areas through collaboration with CDCs

Deputy Prime Minister Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Minister for Education Mr Ong Ye Kung, Chief Executive of SSG Mr Ng Cher Pong and the Mayors at the opening ceremony of SkillsFuture Advice



Find Out More

To find out more, visit Frequently Asked Questions, or contact SkillsFuture Singapore at 6785 5785 or via our Feedback Portal.