iN.LEARN 2020

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What Is it?

iNnovative Learning 2020 or iN.LEARN 2020 is a learning innovation initiative led by SkillsFuture Singapore. iN.LEARN 2020 will drive the use of blended learning in Continuing Education and Training (CET) to meet the dynamic learning needs of business enterprises and individuals.


This learning innovation initiative aims to foster closer collaboration among CET partners and practitioners, such as training providers, adult educators, enterprises, consultants and technology vendors to enhance the quality, accessibility, and effectiveness of learning.

Who Is It For?

iN.LEARN 2020 is for all CET partners and practitioners who are interested to use innovation for learning design, development and delivery of blended learning.

How Will I Benefit?

For Training Partners

You can leverage technology and innovation in your training delivery to better serve the needs of enterprises and individuals, and reach out to more customers.


For Adult Educators

You can grow your knowledge and expertise in your design, development, and delivery of blended learning. The acquired new knowledge and expertise will allow you to be more innovative in your training delivery and curriculum development. It will also as increase your market value and lead to more business engagements.


For Enterprises

You can bring the training and learning to your workplace, saving time and the cost of sending employees out for training. You can also experience a potential increase in business performance when your employees’ utilise opportunities to apply their skills directly at work.


For Individuals

You can access a rich array of good quality and highly engaging courses that cater to your wide-ranging skills and job needs.

How does it work?

iN.LEARN 2020 aims to reduce barriers in adopting blended learning through capability building, infrastructure support, and resources provisions. It is driven by a five-prong strategy of People, Ideation, Collaboration, Technology, and Intelligence. iN.LAB, managed by the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL), is set up as the learning innovation hub to support this five-prong strategy, as well as to foster collaboration among CET partners and practitioners.



Developing Capabilities

iN.LAB offers a range of capability development programmes to equip training partners and adult educators with the capability to harness technology and innovation for design and delivery.

The programmes are categorised into 2 series:

Power with EdTech Series, with the following topics:

  • Awareness & Business
  • Tools for e-learning and other innovative technologies and pedagogies
  • Training Management/ Infrastructure

Perform at Workplace Series, with the following topics:

  • Workplace Learning
  • Workplace Learning Methodologies
  • Implementation of Workplace Learning

The programmes cater to different learning needs and interests of training partners and adult educators, at various stages of their learning innovation journey.

You can find out more about programmes offered by iN.LAB here

Seeding Innovation

iN.LAB invites anyone, business enterprises or individual, who has a proven or emerging learning innovation, to share and explore opportunities to share the innovation with the wider CET community. This will allow the participants to gather the current and latest best practices, knowledge and expertise in learning innovations.

To seed the sharing and exploration of learning innovation, iN.LAB conducts four key events:

  • InnovJam – Brainstorming of different learning innovations to improve training delivery and learning experience
  • InnovPlus – Competition of ideas to address learning issues in organisations. Prize money of up to $200,000 will be awarded to winning ideas for prototype development.
  • InnovLogue - Conversation with experts to learn from their experiences
  • Innovbites – Lunch-time quick bites for invited CET partners and practitioners to share tips-and-tricks and insider know-hows on learning innovations.

You can find out more 

Developing ecosystem

iN.LAB is designed and equipped with facilities, equipment and tools to support experimentation and collaboration on learning innovation. CET partners and practitioners can use the facilities for collaboration and networking, as well as training delivery and facilitation. In addition, a media production studio is also available for development of instructional videos and multimedia content.

You can find out more about iN.LAB’s facilities here and here.

iN.LAB also helps to match relevant expertise in the industry to interested parties to catalyse learning innovation.

You can find out more about the experts here.

Research informing Innovation

IAL, in collaboration with local and international research institutions, will conduct research to gather intelligence on how to best harness the use of technology and innovation, and provide feedback to fine-tune the iN.LEARN 2020 strategy.